Uptime, Service Health and Performance Monitoring

for your online services and websites

Our mission

To help monitor your online services and catch issues & anomalies before they reach your customers and become costly incidents!

How do we monitor?

Our globally distributed monitoring system periodically checks your online services, web pages & assets from multiple locations. 24/7

Why monitoring?

Detect outages, unexpected behavior & performance regressions. Minimize risk of losing customers, time, money & brand reputation.

AppBeat web management application: live status of your checks and services

What can we monitor?


Measuring response times and uptime, checking for valid HTTP(S) response, ensuring page integrity with SHA-256 hash.


Never forget to renew your web server certificate with our TLS / SSL monitoring.


We will send periodic ping requests to your servers to check if they are alive.


Check connectivity for arbitrary port using TCP or UDP protocols.


Check DNS server entries to see if your addresses are correctly resolved. Monitor Whois details.


Test your email servers with IMAP, POP3 or SMTP protocols.

from IPv4 and IPv6 probes deployed all over the world with monitoring frequency up to one minute

AppBeat performance reports

Flexible health status rules

Why limit you with simple alerting rules? Our customizable expressions give you endless possibilities. We offer you default rules which are suitable for most use cases but we also allow you to customize them for your specific scenario.

Example of more complex custom warning rule for monitoring web server response:

[trigger_rule: warning by 3xx redirection rule]
%STATUS% >= 300 AND %STATUS% < 400 --trigger warning if HTTP status is in this range

[trigger_rule: my note: page response is too slow]
%RESPONSE_TIME% > 5000 --trigger warning if server response is slower than 5000 milliseconds

[trigger_rule: my note: failed page integrity]
--trigger warning if SHA-256 page hash does not match your predefined value
NOT(MATCH(%RESPONSE_SHA256%, "23FECE8ABFB4786999386E36C75B2684FB051651371A398403DF0A909B8ED558"))

[trigger_rule: my note: response validation]
--trigger warning if server response does match your regular expression
NOT(MATCH(PARSE(%RESPONSE%, "<title>(.*?)</title>", Singleline | IgnoreCase), "Your expected page title"))

This is just example of more advanced use case. Most users won't have to deal with custom rules and will simply use our defaults (predefined rules). We also offer simple online tool for creating custom rule expressions: Expression Builder

Easy to understand reports

AppBeat uptime reports

Flexible alerting

Customizable alerts give you full control over when and how your team is informed of degraded uptime or performance. Get notified via email, SMS, HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pushover, Slack or dynamic webhooks.

Alerting Integrations

Highly reliable monitoring

Reliable monitoring is our mission and number one priority!

Our core monitoring components are designed to be fault tolerant and reliable:

We also offer service level agreement option (SLA) for our Elite plans with 100% monitoring uptime guarantee. As far as we know, we are the only monitoring provider with such option.

Public status page

Let your users know when you are experiencing service issues or having scheduled maintenance. You can enable public status page with just one click (no third-party service required).

Public status page
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AppBeat monitoring can minimize risk of losing your customers, time, money & brand reputation.

No credit card required. No strings attached.

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