Uptime, Service Health and Performance Monitoring

Proactively monitor your websites and online services. Receive immediate notification when a problem is detected so you can quickly resolve the root cause and prevent potential escalation.

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What can we monitor?


Measuring response times and uptime, checking for valid HTTP(S) response.


Never forget to renew your web server certificate with our TLS / SSL monitoring.


We will send periodic ping requests to your servers to check if they are alive.


Check connectivity for arbitrary port using TCP or UDP protocols.


Check DNS server entries to see if your addresses are correctly resolved. Monitor Whois details.


Test your email servers with IMAP, POP3 or SMTP protocols.

Do you have specific monitoring requirements? Want to monitor database or system resources? Please let us know!

Automated integration & functional testing

We can provide you simple and affordable REST API for running your own functional & integration tests in real web browser.

You can simulate user interaction, for example clicking on buttons, links, entering values, submitting forms, check for expected web elements and text, etc. For complete list of currently supported commands please check Browser automation / Quick reference.

Since we are using real web browser you can also test modern JavaScript applications, for example applications written in Angular or React frameworks.

Functional and integration testing allows you to easily find bugs in your web application

Easy to understand reports

Quickly see if your services were unresponsive or had any downtime.

Visualize response performance by date range or region so you can identify potential bottlenecks.

Receive daily, weekly or monthly uptime reports directly to your inbox.

AppBeat uptime reports

Flexible alerting

Customizable alerts give you full control over when and how your team is informed of degraded uptime or performance. Get notified via email, SMS, HipChat, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Pushover, Slack, StatusPage, Workplace by Facebook or dynamic webhooks.

Alerting Integrations

Public status page

Let your users know when you are experiencing service issues or having scheduled maintenance. You can enable public status page with just one click (no third-party service required).

Public status page
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