AppBeat monitoring & Slack integration

AppBeat periodically monitors your online services, web pages & assets. When it detects issue or anomaly it will automatically send you notification.

To send notifications directly to your Slack workspace please follow these simple instructions.

1.) Registering new Slack integration

Your new Slack notification channel is now ready to use by AppBeat. However it is still not associated with any monitoring service. Please read "Using Slack integration" chapter below to see how to do that.

What is monitoring service?

Monitoring service is simply group of periodic checks which all share same notification settings. If any of checks fails we will first see to which monitoring service it belongs and which notification types does it have. Then we will send notifications to all associated notification types (for example email, SMS, Slack, etc.).

2.) Using Slack integration

If any check in this service fails, you will now automatically receive Slack notification(s).


You can reuse same notification type and associate it with multiple monitoring services.

Happy monitoring from AppBeat team!

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